Teresa is a writing workshop leader who is sensitive, supportive and knows how to bring out the best in all participants. In addition to her great leadership in the workshops, her feedback on my manuscript was thoughtful and helped me pinpoint areas I could improve on in addition to identifying the many things I was doing right. She doesn’t impose any writing style on you, she helps you find your own voice and make your work the best it can be.

– Natylie B.

“Your workshop woke my dormant writer’s voice and gave me inspiration and faith in my writing.” 


Since 2002 when I was fortunate enough to meet Teresa as a writing student at St. Mary’s, I have worked with her as both a writer and an editor. As a writer, Teresa brings a spiritual depth to all of her stories, which often entail a touch a humor and pathos that makes every character memorable and every story enviable. As an editor, she offers sincere, compassionate guidance that will help any writer’s work — regardless if it is a first draft or last — sparkle with clarity. I know of no other writer who is as steadfast, endearing, and generous with her talent as Teresa has been from the first day we met.

– Kaija L.

I very much enjoyed the safety of the workshop and the environment that was established. I like the all-woman format, and felt as though the coaching was gentle yet informative.

– Karen T.

Teresa inspired me to remember that I can write, and that I can do so quickly when I have support. The workshops helped me remember what makes good writing as I have listened to others share their work.

– Jamie M.

The weekly workshop provides supportive encouragement and keeps me enthused and motivated in my writing. Hearing what others are writing is also inspiring. The feedback from the group is immensely helpful.

– Lynne J.



“Teresa’s workshops help get me back into the writing “mode” after I take unintended breaks.”

– Colleen K.

“Lakeshore Writers Workshop is the first financial investment I have made in myself as a writer. I can say that it is the best money I have spent on education in a very long time.”

– Jack B.

I had the privilege of attending one of Teresa’s summer writing classes recently. For eight weeks, I never felt more welcome, comfortable and excited to write than during that time in her cozy writing space in Oakland. Teresa provided great writing prompts and an inviting atmosphere to both write and share our writing with the other members of the class. Teresa’s love for and knowledge of writing is superb and has been inspirational in my own writing ever since. I highly recommend taking one of Teresa’s writing classes, no matter your writing level. You will definitely leave fulfilled and invigorated.

– Jared K.

“Lakeshore Writers Workshops helped me break my writer’s block for sure!”

– Emily P


I thoroughly enjoyed your class, the atmosphere, the openness of the writers, and your facilitation. I was particularly impressed by the quality of the writing – it is always a good thing to join a group that will pull one up to higher levels!  

-Michael J.

"I just wanted to say thank you for putting on a wonderful program at the Dublin Library! Everyday since Saturday, our staff, and I have been getting compliments about you and the Lakeshore Writers. All of the participants keep telling me how at ease and comfortable they felt sharing their works. You definitely had the "wow" factor going on."

- Victor H.

“Each week the workshops are my time to write in a calm, clean setting with camaraderie.”

– Patricia B.

Teresa understands what it takes to write with courage. She helps writers in all stages of development celebrate their unique voices. I’ve found her feedback to be extremely supportive and uplifting. She’s helped me grow comfortable even with my messy drafts, and to stay focused on steering toward the vision.

“Teresa’s workshops got me started!”

– E. Lee


Lakeshore Writers Workshops helped my writing practice by inspiring creativity and direction, while reinforcing ideas about writing techniques. It was really helpful to hear other people’s responses to the same prompt and to hear the power of what worked well in another’s writing.

– Jessica W.

“I love love love the AWA method and think itgave birth to, and defined, my writing voice. The reading aloud of our own writing injected me with a kind of confidence I didn’t think was possible. And the pieces that came out of your workshops were the beginnings of a lot of my short stories. I always admired your workshops, not just how you led them but the warm and inviting space you provided.” 

- L Connor

The writing I did with Teresa brought me to a different place; writing about family experiences dulled the pain.

– Barbara B.


I LOVED your feedback. I think it was absolutely accurate and the suggestions you gave me for ways to address the missing pieces … I can tell will be just the ticket to helping me figure out where to go. I am inspired to proceed. Thank you so much for your thoughtful read and discussion.

– Laura

The workshops have given me the space and time to work on my writing since I do not have much of either at the moment. It’s when I get the bulk of my writing done.” 

– Pat