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"Warm and inviting space"

“I love love love the AWA method and think itgave birth to, and defined, my writing voice. The reading aloud of our own writing injected me with a kind of confidence I didn’t think was possible. And the pieces that came out of your workshops were the beginnings of a lot of my short stories. I always admired your workshops, not just how you led them but the warm and inviting space you provided.” 

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"Inspiring creativity and direction"

Lakeshore Writers Workshops helped my writing practice by inspiring creativity and direction, while reinforcing ideas about writing techniques. It was really helpful to hear other people’s responses to the same prompt and to hear the power of what worked well in another’s writing.

– Jessica W.

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You definitely had the "wow" factor going on

"I just wanted to say thank you for putting on a wonderful program at the Dublin Library! Everyday since Saturday, our staff, and I have been getting compliments about you and the Lakeshore Writers. All of the participants keep telling me how at ease and comfortable they felt sharing their works. You definitely had the "wow" factor going on."

- Victor H.

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