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Ten weeks:  

September 12th to

November 14th




Ten weeks: 

September 13th to

November 15th


One-on-One Writing: Private editing and coaching services are available by arrangement--a perfect way to set goals that are workable, bust through writer's block, and   make significant progress on your writing projects.     


One Day Workshops:

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I do hope you're enjoying some great summer reads. Want to download storytellers to your iPod? I highly recommend a number of free podcasts:  Selected Shorts,  New Yorker Fiction Podcasts and The Moth. Check them out! 

I'm currently reading Lynn Freed's The Servants Quarters--it is fabulous! I also highly recommend: Alice McDermott's After This,  Elizabeth Benedict's The Practice of Deceit. I finally read John Updike's Rabbit, Run. What you have been reading? Do tell!    

Be sure to check out recent writing by some Lakeshore Writers: Downhill All The Way  and The Workshop -- a poem about Lakeshore Writers and being daring! Well done and Congrats!  And kudos to my friend Bridget Hoida's whose debut novel:   SoLA has just come out. It's a wild, snappy ride. A laugh out loud read, perfect for summer!  Let me know of your successes,  classes and stories you've enjoyed.  

If you don't feel you are possibly on the edge of humiliating yourself, of losing control of the whole thing, then what you're doing probably isn't very vital. If you don't feel that you are writing somewhat over your head, why do it?  If you don't have some doubt of your authority to tell this story, then you're not trying to tell enough.   -- John Irving    

Here is the Fall 2012 schedule. Hard to believe summers half over! 

With changing schedules, guests and family vacations summers can be a challenge for writers to carve out enough time to work.  I have often found summers to wreak havoc on my writing life so this summer I planned ahead. Before I let myself commit to anything else, I scheduled writing retreats and enrolled in two short master classes--Lynn Freed and Peter Ho Davies--both were great. 

After my plans were set I was surprised by an invitation to the Norman Mailer Colony and Writing Center in Provincetown where I was given a condo and bicycle to use, participated in a workshop led by the amazing Sigrid Nunez for two hours a day while the rest of my time was free to write! I haven't ever had a six week period so filled with insighful feedback, generous support, and so much time for my writing. I am feeling very spoiled, energized and snapping inspired, and have lots to share with you this fall.

If getting away to a writing workshop or retreat is out of the question--if you're juggling work, kids camp schedules and family vacations--I highly recommend blocking time off on your calendar for YOU. Whether it's a week, a weekend, a day here and there, or simply an hour--Do it! Go off the grid! Don't go to appointments or the store, don't answer email, turn off your phone; give yourself over to what you really want to say. Be wild, crazy, write as if an alien planet is cozying up to earth and no one will ever read what you have put pen to paper to say. Be bold. Say something dangerous.



And remember: it's Summertime! and you are required by the godgoddess of sun and parks and rec to find a patch of grass or sand, an old Adirondack chair, or a quiet corner and kick off your shoes and read. Surround yourself with the voices and tales that enliven you. Or simply lay back, watch for characters to emerge from the clouds, or simply close your eyes and dream. Let your wild mind roam.  


I look forward to seeing you this fall. Until then, Keep that pen moving! 


PS. Workshops are already half full, so be in touch to reserve your spot. 
A deposit is required to hold your spot. 

Create. Write. Now.    

 * * *  

There is no perfect time to write.  
There's only now. ~Barbara Kingsolver